Tourism – Event – Activity

Targeting Tourism, Event and Activity Sectors

InfoPond Services for Tourism, Event and Activity Sectors

  • InfoPond enables potential customers to easily and visually identify your venue or event.
  • Your venue/event surfaces in the InfoPond mobile app when potential customers are in your area or heading your way.
  • Our multi-lingual translation and direction services helps visitors identify, then direct them to the place or event they heard about—and do so in their chosen language.
  • Visitors can locate you no matter where they are—that’s the beauty of cell-phone apps.
  • No need to download a different app for a different region, InfoPond content covers Australia.
  • We direct people to your venue or event.
  • And we direct people to your web assets.
  • InfoPond links to third-party tourism services across Australia: What’s On, Events and local Tourism Information centres.
  • InfoPond today has nation-wide content covering Australia’s heritage, galleries, theatres, museums, live music and more—all available and live today.
  • Your content, if uploaded to our servers can be auto-translated into twelve languages using AI. Additionally content in each language can subsequently be edited, curated and locked.
  • InfoPond enables organisations to contribute their content in a scalable, structured, distributed and partitioned manner.
  • InfoPond enables organisations to monitor and produce reports on public use of their partition.
  • InfoPond servers scale to service cities, states and nation.
  • Apply to list your venue, event or activity via the Contribute option in the InfoPond app.
  • We will either reply directly or through one of our accredited regional affiliates so that they may provide local customer service.

We Support Australian Tourism Providers

  • We do not bypass your web and social media assets—we drive consumers to them.
  • We do not circumvent third-party booking services—we drive consumers to them.
  • We do not seek commission or click-through fees on sales generated via our services—our trade affiliates are at liberty to do so.

Regional Affiliate Services
Our Regional Affiliate services for each of the Tourism, Event and Activity sectors empowers affiliates to generate new revenue streams via the sale of InfoPond services to organisations in their region. Regions and Categories can be exclusive to an Affiliate. Organisations can then utilise InfoPond services to enhance their commercial offerings and visibility to the public.

Do you represent a tourism, event or activity organisation interested in understanding our services? Please use the Contact Us via the Contribute option in the InfoPond app.

Do you wish to contribute content? To apply for Contributor status to contribute an Article please download the InfoPond app and use the “Contributor” option located under the app’s config menu.