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Cede control or Seize the Reins!

Cede Control
Google and Facebook have eroded revenue of incumbents in the advertising sector:

  • 44% of global online advertising revenue now goes to Google (2017 statista)
  • 18% of global online advertising revenue now goes to Facebook (2017 statista)

New services released by Google circumvents revenue of incumbents in the Tourism sector:

  • Sept 2018, Google release their online booking service targeting Tourism: TouringBird.com

We note that:

  • Touring Bird provides tourism booking services which circumvents traditional booking operators & information providers.
  • Touring Bird offers tourism info services which circumvents traditional tourism information channels.

Seize the reins—leverage InfoPond’s licensed servers and content

  • InfoPond today has nation-wide content covering Australia’s live music, theatres galleries, museum, heritage and more.
  • InfoPond links to third-party tourism services across Australia: What’s On, Events and local tourism offices.
  • InfoPond services are available to state-wide and nation-wide organisations under a white label license basis.
  • InfoPond enables organisations to contribute their content in a scalable, partitioned manner.
  • InfoPond enables organisations to monitor and produce reports on public use of their partition.
  • InfoPond interoperates with third-party servers and is extensible.
  • InfoPond servers scale to service cities, states and nation.

We support local industries
  • We do not circumvent third-party service providers — we drive consumers to them.
  • We do not bypass existing booking services — we drive consumers to them.
  • We do not bypass industry’s web assets — we drive consumers to them.
  • We do not seek a commission on third-party services/sales generated via our services.

Do you represent a state-wide or nation-wide tourism body interested in understanding our service provision and licensing arrangements? Please use the Contact Us option to inquire about options available to you.

Our publishing services

Do you wish to contribute content?
To apply for Contributor status to contribute an Article please download the InfoPond app and use the “Contributor” option located under the app’s config menu.