About Us

Background — InfoPond provides services to enterprises and consumers in the “Cultural Economy” as defined by our target markets.
Target markets — Live Music, Tourism, Activity, Event, Gallery, Heritage, Museum, Cinema and Theatre.
Products — Our products are service-based and described below.
We are consumer focussed in delivering content and services to the public; and enterprise focussed in delivering cost saving, work flow efficiencies, value adding services and content from our cultural database via API integration and provision of Android and IOS apps.
Philanthropy versus Commerciality — we are philanthropic in our approach to the public and small orgs: public services and app use are free; we provide services to cultural societies, small galleries and museums at no, or minimal charge. In doing so we enable these orgs to offer services that may otherwise be out of their commercial reach. We sustain these services by charging larger enterprises for our value adding services.

InfoPond app for IOS and Android identifies & displays:

  • Who’s performing at live music venues in each Australian capital (where live music is available 3+ nights/week).
  • What’s On in each major tourism region of Australia.

InfoPond locates and displays What’s On for:

  • Every major art gallery and museum in Australia.
  • Every cinema and theatre in Australia.

Describes Australia’s heritage in 12 languages including:

  • Every major building classified by Aus. National Trust.
  • Hundreds of buildings in State’s Heritage Lists.
  • Content displayed and optionally audibly spoken in user’s chosen language: Chinese (simplified & traditional), English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Vietnamese—info translated from English using A.I.

InfoPond services — advanced functionality

  • What’s On Publisher: auto-format and feed your Website + Facebook + InfoPond. Enter once—publish to 3—reduce costs.
  • Services for Tourism, Event & Activity sectors — partitioned by region and category; can be managed via exclusive regional affiliates; are available for re-sale via trade organisations; multilingual “direction service” assists AUS visitors identify, then get to the place or event they heard about.
  • Publisher for Cell Phones: no need to print booklets, use our web-based publishing service to create, auto-format, store & serve pages specifically formatted for viewing on cell-phones.
  • Multilingual: InfoPond auto-translates to 12 languages using AI.
  • GeoCodes: trigger display on user’s cell phone of info stored on your server, ours, or 3rd Party e.g. YouTube.
  • One App—content covering the entire nation of Australia.
  • Short Term App – InfoPond’s publisher services are very cost effective alternatives to creating dedicated IOS & Android apps for use over a short period, such as for an event or exhibition.
  • Articles—authored by registered contributors—describe: the history/heritage of buildings and regions; galleries and museums and artefacts within and used by public when in the venue; What’s On; activities, services and events.
  • “Collaborate to Stimulate” increases potential for performers to tour—refer to full page description Q3/19.

InfoPond configures to the interest of each user

  • No need to search/sort through irrelevant, overcrowded maps.
  • See what’s on where you are, or intend to be.
  • Select from Gigs, Tourism, Cinema, Events, Theatre, Museum, Art, Tourism, Heritage and more.

InfoPond is free to public for personal use

  • No registration, no in-app purchases, no barrier to adoption.

We support local industry

  • We do not circumvent third-party booking services—we drive consumers to them.
  • We do not bypass industry’s web and social media assets—we drive consumers to them.
  • We do not seek commission on sales generated via our services.

InfoPond content

  • Qualified content by registered orgs mitigates fake information.
  • Self-authoring sections – sourced via multiple information feeds.
  • Viral growth enabled via rights-based servers.
  • Static and dynamic content sources.

Target audience / App users

  • Australian public and international tourists + global market.
  • Our service set addresses a wide demographic of target users.
  • Articles in 12 languages – addresses wider target market.

Target markets / Service provision

  • Live Music Industry – no need to re-enter/format band info – use InfoPond’s library of performers and What’s On feed.
  • Venue operators – use InfoPond to feed/display YOUR sponsors message to your users.
  • Event Organisers – why create an App for short-term use – our Publisher services are a very cost-effective alternative.
  • Event & Exhibition Organisers – why print booklets – use InfoPond’s Publisher for Cell Phones.
  • Tourism – InfoPond visually identifies local opportunities to visitors as they travel through region; in multiple languages.
  • Galleries, museums – use GeoCodes to trigger info stored on your server or ours to display to visitors; public need use only one app across multiple venues in a cultural Precinct; Articles on our server are auto-translated into 12 languages using A.I.
  • Heritage sector and Local Councils– surface and reactivate valuable information which public can access and play when they are in situ.
  • Historic Societies – display information when public are in situ at historic site – in 12 languages – surface your What’s On info.
  • Cinema, Theatre – InfoPond cost-effectively feeds venue-authored “What’s on” to public when and where they need it.
  • Libraries – link relevant geospatial locations to your content and surface content to the roaming public in situ.
  • Media Co.’s – re-purpose archived video:  surface location-specific travel (et al) content to public at relevant location.

We charge a small fee for our optional advanced services.

  • What’s On Publisher – we aggregate feeds to your Website + our app from your InfoPond page. InfoPond provides auto formatted great looking feeds to 3rd party web assets.
  • Aggregate feed to your Facebook page/tab.
  • Services for Tourism, Event & Activity sectors – partitioned by region; can be “wholesaled” via exclusive regional affiliates.
  • Publisher for Cell Phones – easily and rapidly create then virtually deploy flyers, brochures and booklets specifically formatted for display on modern cell phones—green & very low cost alternative to printed pages.
  • Short Term App – InfoPond publications are cost effective alternatives to creating dedicated apps and responsive sites for use over a short period, such as for an event or exhibition.
  • Message Engine – Leverage ME to display relevant messages at appropriate times.
  • Your Promotion – display your message on a splash page displayed when user taps to view your venue — optional.
  • GeoCodes – galleries, museums, and heritage societies can generate revenue by authoring articles and then use InfoPond to provide Artefact Guide Services to their visitors.
  • Media Co.’s – re-purpose archived video: present location-specific travel (et al) content to public at relevant location.
  • Translation services using AI or performed manually.

Watch our InfoPond video

  • Watch Presentation
  • Short video describes the InfoPond app.
  • Subsequent video describes InfoPond features and benefits, vertical markets and back end infrastructure.