About Us

InfoPond identifies:
  • Who’s performing at live music venues in Australian capitals (3+ nights/week).
  • What’s On in each tourism region of Australia.

InfoPond locates and displays What’s On for:
  • Every major museum in Australia.
  • Every major art gallery in Australia.
  • Every theatre in Australia.
  • Every cinema in Australia.
  • One App content coverage of cities, states and nation.

Describes Australia’s heritage in 12 languages including:
  • Every major building classified by Aus. National Trust.
  • Hundreds of buildings in State’s Heritage Lists.
  • Content displayed and optionally audibly spoken in user’s chosen language.
  • Languages: Chinese (simplified & traditional), English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Vietnamese.
  • Info translated from English using A.I.

InfoPond advanced functionality
  • GeoCodes: trigger display to user of info on your server or ours or 3rd Party e.g. YouTube.
  • Our ”Publisher for Cell Phones” enables users to easily and quickly create flyers, brochures and booklets autoformatted for display on modern cell phones.

InfoPond configures to the interest of each user
  • No need to search or sort through irrelevant, overcrowded maps.
  • See what’s on where you are, or intend to be.
  • Select from Museum, Gallery, Gigs, Cinema, Events, Theatre, Heritage, Tourism +.

InfoPond is free to public
  • No registration.
  • No in-app purchases.
  • Free for non-commercial use.
  • No barrier to adoption.
  • Apple and Android Apps.

InfoPond content
  • Qualified content created by qualified, registered organisations mitigates fake information.
  • Scales city-wide, nation-wide, global services.
  • Self-authoring segments – via multiple information feeds.
  • Viral growth enabled via rights-based, back-end services.
  • Australia-wide content, much in 12 languages – global potential.

Target audience / App users
  • Australian public and international tourists – global potential.
  • Our broad service set addresses wide demographic of target users.

Target markets / Service provision
  • Museums, Galleries – InfoPond can aggregate venueauthored “What’s on” across venues in a cultural Precinct.
  • Museums, Galleries – InfoPond provides artefact info to visitors – in 12 languages – via code scanning.
  • Heritage sector – surface and reactivate valuable information content.
  • Historic Societies – display information when public are at historic site – in 12 languages.
  • Event Organisers – why create an App for short-term use –InfoPond is a very cost-effective alternative.
  • Event Organisers – why print booklets – use InfoPond’s ePublications formatted for cell phones.
  • Live music promoters, event and exhibition organisers significantly lower web and print costs using InfoPond ePublications and Web Feeds.
  • Live Music Industry – no need to re-enter website info – use InfoPond’s library of performers & website feeds.
  • Live Music Venues – use InfoPond to feed/display YOUR sponsors message to your users.
  • Media Co.’s – re-purpose and surface location-specific video content in situ via use of our GeoCodes.
  • Tourism – InfoPond visually identifies local opportunities when visitors travel through your region.
  • Cinema, theatre – InfoPond cost-effectively aggregates, formats and feeds venue-authored “What’s on”.
  • Libraries – link relevant geospatial locations to your content.

We support local industries
  • We do not circumvent third-party service providers — we drive consumers to them.
  • We do not bypass existing booking services — we drive consumers to them.
  • We do not bypass industry’s web assets — we drive consumers to them.
  • We do not seek a commission on third-party services/sales generated via our services.

Self-sustainable via revenue
We maintain our viability by charging a small fee for our optional advanced publishing services below. Simply listing on InfoPond is free.
  • What’s On Publisher – Aggregated feed to your Facebook + Website from your InfoPond publication.
  • Activity Publisher also aggregates your social media feeds and reduces data re-entry.
  • Publisher for Cell Phones– a turn-key solution for getting your information to potential attendees of your event or venue; is green & very low cost to produce.
  • Geocodes – Museums, galleries, heritage sites can use InfoPond to provide info to visitors in situ.
  • Org Message – is a full-screen ~4 second splash page displayed to the user when they tap to view a page created by an organisation. Org Message is provided/uploaded by the contributor of the page. Org Message enables organisations to display their message, or their sponsors message, to their customers and is optional.
  • Short Term App – InfoPond publications are a very cost effective alternative to creating a dedicated IOS and Android application which is intended to be in use for only a short period, such as for an event.
Please use the Contact Us option to understand more about our advanced publishing services.

Watch our InfoPond video
  • Watch Presentation
  • Short video describes the InfoPond app.
  • Subsequent video describes InfoPond features and benefits, vertical markets and back end infrastructure.

Our publishing services