Publisher For Cell Phones

another InfoPond publishing service

”Publisher for Cell Phones” enables anyone to easily and rapidly create flyers, brochures and booklets specifically formatted for display on modern cell phones.

Publications are stored in our cloud. Then delivered to and viewed on cell phones via the freely available “what’s on” InfoPond app.

  • Create publications using our web-based interface, no layout program to download and no writing HTML code required.
  • Pages are automatically formatted.
  • Choose from page layouts including:
    • Front cover
    • Index
    • List
    • Catalogue
    • What’s On time schedule
    • Calendar schedule of events
    • Article
    • Price list
    • Menu
    • Sponsor’s message
    • Rear cover
  • Pages can be a mix of text and graphics.
  • Pages can be linked—for example, readers can tap an index item to jump to the relevant page.
  • Links can be inserted within pages—for example readers can tap a link to jump to a relevant booking service or web page.
  • Create a publication to provide a catalogue, what’s on schedule, price list, or menu to potential customers.
  • We virtually deliver your publication to your chosen map location.
  • When published on the freely available InfoPond app, a publication can appear as an icon at a specific map location.
  • Perfect for event programs, music concert line-ups and exhibition catalogues.
  • Simply tap a publication’s icon (or search) and read the event’s talent line-up or calendar of events, even tap to jump to a relevant booking website.
  • Publications and updates are released in an instant, reaching viewers at the speed of light, not next month.
  • Publisher for Cell Phones:
    • Coupled with the InfoPond app provides a turn-key solution for getting your information to potential attendees of your event or venue.
    • Works seamlessly with InfoPond app to deliver your publication to cell phones when, and importantly where your on-the-go customers need it.
    • Is far more cost effective than expensive printed publications typically taken and read by one viewer.
    • Is a sustainable green solution, reducing consumption of paper, bleaches and dyes.

Do you wish to contribute content?
To apply for Contributor status to contribute an Article please download the InfoPond app and use the “Contributor” option located under the app’s config menu.