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PackageSKUUnit CostPurchase
Small BusinessSMB1$29 / month (recurring)
Medium BusinessMB1$99 / month (recurring)
EnterpriseENT1$148 / month (recurring)
Progressive Web App - Event Pack 12 WeeksAPA1$450
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Order additional users

Your organisation includes a certain number of users by default. Order additional users here.

UsersSKUUnit CostPurchase Qty
Publisher - Additional UserPUB1$19 / month (recurring)
Editor - Additional UserEDIT1$19 / month (recurring)
Translator - Additional UserTRA1$19 / month (recurring)
Author - Additional UserAUT1$19 / month (recurring)

Contributors are unlimited and free on all plans.

Order additional resources

Additional Pages

PagesSKUUnit CostPurchase Qty
Front Page - 20 AdditionalFPA20$10 / month (recurring)
Article + List Pages - Additional 100ALP100$10 / month (recurring)
Article + List Pages - Additional 250ALP250$25 / month (recurring)

Additional Page Downloads

Page DownloadsSKUUnit CostPurchase Qty
Page downloads – across all Pages - Additional 25,000DL25K$20 / month (recurring)
Page downloads – across all Pages - Additional 50,000DL50K$25 / month (recurring)

Additional Services

ServiceSKUUnit CostPurchase Qty
Training and Support per hour (remote)TRN1$85
Kickstart Setup - populate example pagesLAY1$240
Service Level Agreement - Business HoursSLA10$200 / month (recurring)
eCommerce Setup - Includes 8 SKUseCom1$240
Additional SKU Configuration per houreCom2$85

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Publisher Credit Card Fee: a credit card merchant gateway fee of 3% is deducted on prorate basis from remittance/payment by InfoPond to Publishers for each credit card transaction.
Unused downloads allowances expire at end of each billing cycle.
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Service Level Agreements: SLA’s provides for interaction by InfoPond with 1 pre-defined email address; 1 phone number; and 1 Organisation representative per Organisation.