Contributor User Agreement – InfoPond

  1. Contributor User Agreement

1.1 In order to contribute Media for use in by InfoPond services potential Contributors must accept the terms stated in this “Contributing User Agreement” AND apply to InfoPond to become a Contributor. If the application is accepted by InfoPond the applicant is granted contributor rights to the Services (“Contributor”). Note that contributions can only be made using a standard desk top Internet browser.

1.2 Only registered Users may use Services to create articles and in the process of such article creation upload Media to the Services.

1.3 Where a Contributor has authored or otherwise owns copyright in Media to be uploaded to and used by Services, the Contributor agrees that by uploading Media to Services the Contributor provides InfoPond with a worldwide, non-exclusive and royalty-free license to use that Media under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License CC BY-SA v.3.0 or later. For further details regarding this license information refer to the legal code of the CC BY-SA License at

1.4 It is important for Contributors to understand that each Contributor retains any copyright to Media they own after they license it for use by Services. Copyright is not transferred to InfoPond because it is licensed to InfoPond under the terms stated herein. However, according to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License used by the Services, Contributors can never retract or alter the license for Media they upload to the Services. This Media remains so licensed until it either enters the public domain or when copyright expires under law.

1.5 Contributors must ensure the copyright status of third-party Media they upload to InfoPond has been correctly specified AND InfoPond are permitted under law to use the Media in the Service under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License CC BY-SA v.3.0 or later.

1.6 If a Contributor cannot verify that the Media they intend to provide can be legally provided to InfoPond in a manner compliant with the CC BY-SA license then they must not provide the Media to InfoPond.

11.7 If a Contributor seeks to provide text not authored by them or co-authored with others they may only do so if it is legally available under terms of CC BY-SA license.

1.8 It is incorrect to assume we review all content. InfoPond may review content to determine whether it is illegal and or violates this Agreement. InfoPond may remove content where they reasonably believe it violates this Agreement or the law. But that does not mean that InfoPond review all content. It is the responsibility of each Contributor to review their content for compliance to this Agreement prior to uploading Media to our Services.

1.9 InfoPond permit non-text media to be contributed under a non CC BY-SA license but only where the license used supports the goals of providing global non-retractable, unrestricted free re-use and re-distribution as provided for under CC BY-SA. In this event the Contributor must use the Service resources when creating their entry to reference the license under which the non-text media is licensed and ensure they provide a link to the full terms and conditions of that license.

1.10 InfoPond reserves the right for its editors to make content available under a license which varies from CC BY-SA. InfoPond pages individually identify the license and the source of Media on that page. This makes it possible for Users to identify how they may use Media.

1.11 Prior to creating an article InfoPond requires Contributors to search the Service to ensure a like article does not exist. We wish to avoid confusion through duplicity.