Privacy and Security

1 You acknowledge that as an application using the Internet the Service is subject to various security and privacy issues and that by using the Services you may be subject to various risks, including but not limited to:

 (i) Exposure to objectionable material and/or parties, including without limitation, contaminated files.

 (ii) Unauthorised invasion of your privacy during, or as a result of, your use or another user’s use of the Service.

 (iii) Spoofing, eavesdropping, sniffing, spamming, breaking passwords, harassment, fraud, forgery, “imposturing”, electronic trespassing, tampering, hacking, nuking, Service contamination including without limitation use of viruses worms and Trojan horses causing unauthorized, damaging or harmful access and/or retrieval of information and data on your electronic device and other forms of activity that may be considered unlawful.

 (iv) Unauthorised exposure of information and material you listed or sent, on or through the Services, to other users, the general public or any other specific entities for which the information and material was not intended by you.

2 Notwithstanding the risks in paragraph above, InfoPond will undertake its best endeavours to reduce the above risks and prevent them occurring. Due to the nature of the Internet InfoPond does not provide any guarantees that the above and or like risks will not occur and InfoPond is does not accept liability where they do occur.

3 If you do not wish to be subjected to these risks, you are advised not to use the Services. 

4 You are advised that the Services should not be used for purposes you consider Private and Confidential, that you do not wish to be publicly accessible.

5 You agree that InfoPond is not required to monitor, control or endorse Media provided by Users including but not limited to concepts, ideas, views, opinions, beliefs, text, image, graphics and video. 

6 InfoPond reserves the right at all times to disclose necessary information concerning your use of the Service without prior notification to satisfy any applicable law, regulation or legal process.

7 You acknowledge that your “Publisher Name” used by the Service is available to and may be seen by all Users of the Services.