Live Music Venue/Operator (SKU: LMV11) (includes Facebook feed)
Products Included Quantity Description
What’s On Website Feed 1 Author What’s On pages and feed to your website – includes access to our database of performers.
Facebook Event Feed 8 Up to 8 Facebook events per week. Update turnaround: 9 business hours.
List page 1 Create directory, index, guide which lists & links to your Article pages – great for events and regional directories
Org Message 1 Display your splash screen when InfoPond users tap on your Organisation’s icons
Article page 1 Create and feed Article pages specifically formatted for viewing on mobiles
Translation 1 Auto translate your Article pages using AI in to 12 languages
What’s On Publisher 1 Author What’s On pages and feed to our Whats On InfoPond App for mobiles
Customer Loyalty 1 Reward your customers based upon the time/frequency they spend at your venue. Release July 2019.
Service Level Agreement 1 Includes SKU: SLA10 (at no fee), refer SLA section
Organisation Set-up 1 Includes Establishment SKU: EST00 (at no fee)
Article Page Create/Support (exludes artwork creation) 0 Excludes Article Creation Support. SKU: APC88