Activity Publisher

Activity Publisher

an InfoPond publishing service

Create your Activity page using InfoPond’s “Publisher” service and automatically feed each of:

  • Your Facebook Events page +
  • Your Website page  +
  • InfoPond’s What’s On mobile app.

Enter once and publish to all three.

Our service takes about one tenth the time it typically takes to update just a website.


  • Activity, event and tour operators can enter their activity or select from their previous entries.
  • Click to select an activity to add to your line-up (if you are promoting multiple activity).
  • Select date and time.
  • Do this for each activity.
  • Click publish.
  • We auto-update your Facebook + Website +InfoPond’s What’s On mobile app.
  • The result looks great.
  • Updates are a breeze.

One-time set-up

  • Add your Facebook and website info to our cloud server via web interface.
  • We auto-generate web snippets.
  • Add snippets to you website.

Our publishing services

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