Event & Activity Publisher

an InfoPond publishing service

Does your organisation display a What’s On Page on their website?
Do you pay a web contractor for each update?
If yes, then we can help you save and speed up the update process.
Use InfoPond’s “Event & Activity Publisher” to publish your What’s On page.
Then any authorised member of your team can update your What’s On page.
InfoPond automatically auto-formats updates to your selected layout.
Then auto-feeds the updated content to your website.
Updates takes minutes, can be implemented and live when you need it, and cost is a small fraction of typical web page update costs.

Create your Event/Activity page using InfoPond’s “Publisher” service & feed each of:

  • Your Website page; and
  • InfoPond’s What’s On mobile app.

Enter once and publish to both, at no extra cost.

Our service — which auto formats your data then feeds both — takes about one fifth the time it typically takes you to update just a website.


  • Event and Activity operators can use our web-based interface to add their Organisation, and then enter their event/activity details in to our What’s On publisher.
  • Select date and time of event/activity.
  • Click to add it to your Calendar line-up.
  • Do this for each event/activity.
  • Click publish.
  • We auto format your information according to your selected layout and update your Website + InfoPond’s What’s On mobile app.
  • You enter info once and we publish to both.
  • You save up to 80% of data entry time and reduce weekly data entry costs.
  • The result looks great.
  • Updates are a breeze and are published in minutes.
  • By using our cost-saving publishing services your organisation additionally has a mobile presence in our app.
  • When potential customers are in, or travelling to your region, they can easily find you and see what’s on.

One-time set-up

  • Add your website info to our cloud server via web interface.
  • We auto-generate web snippets.
  • Add snippets to you website.

Do you wish to contribute content?
To apply for Contributor status to contribute an Article please download the InfoPond app and use the “Contributor” option located under the app’s config menu.

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