What’s On Publisher

for live music venue operators & the events industry

Create your What’s On events page using InfoPond’s “What’s On Publisher” service and feed each of:

  • Your Website +
  • Your Facebook Events tab +
  • InfoPond’s What’s On mobile app.

Enter once and publish to all three.

Our service — which auto formats your data then feeds all three — takes about one fifth the time it typically takes you to update just a website.


  • Live music venue/event operators can select from our library of performers/bands.
    • If a band is not listed, ask them to add their bio to the database.
    • Bio entry takes only a few minutes.
    • Venues need never enter bio’s again when creating their weekly What’s On pages.
  • Click a band name/bio to add it to your event line-up.
  • Select date and time.
  • Do this for each performer.
  • Click publish.
  • InfoPond auto-format then updates your Facebook + Website + InfoPond’s What’s On mobile app.
  • Our feed can include info such as: band name, genre, image, links to band bio, SoundCloud and your booking site.
  • The result looks great.
  • Updates are a breeze and any authorised team member can enter updates.
  • You no longer need to pay a web contractor to make these changes.
  • Performers can also use our calendar services to indicate their availability dates to booking agents and venue operators.

One-time set-up

  • Add your info to our cloud server via web interface.
  • We auto-generate web snippets.
  • You add snippets to your website.

Customer Loyalty Service — Zero Touch

stimulating patronage of live music venues

Our “zero touch” loyalty service is typically embedded into our What’s On service. However it can be licensed separately upon request and subject to scale.

Customer Loyalty Service

  • Keep your customers coming back and importantly, staying longer.
  • Unlike other services, InfoPond’s customer loyalty service:
    • Helps keep customers in venue longer; and
    • Does not burden your staff.
    • Staff are not required to scan or tap anything.
  • You decide your reward and customer reward goals.
  • We surround that with transparent software to make it work.

Scheduled release: Q3/19.

Your Promotion Service

for venue operators & service providers

  • Your Promotion Service is a full-screen splash page displayed in our app.
  • You create your desired splash page.
  • The page is displayed when InfoPond app users tap to view your venue/event.
  • This service enables organisations to display either their or their sponsor’s message.
  • Promotions may be updated as often as desired and updates are easy.

Your promotion service is optional and may be enabled / disabled by each venue operator.

Collaborate to Stimulate

a catalyst for the live music industry

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